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Kingslake’s solutions focus on three areas: Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehouse management and is developed from our experience of implementing systems for more than twenty years. Advances in technology such as cloud computing, rules management systems, mobile devices and internet connected sensors are providing an unprecedented opportunity to completely re-invent and simplify processes.

Who we are

Ever since we set up business in 1994, we have focused on providing software to help mid-sized manufacturing companies grow. We have done this by delivering state-of-the-art solutions built with a mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, our specialised software solutions and experienced dynamic consultants.

We continue to build and deliver fit-for-purpose software to enable our customers to increase the visibility of their operations be it customer service, inventory, planning, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, HR, transport or finance.

We develop and deliver our solutions using cloud and cognitive technology with OPEX based subscription pricing to offer a rapid return on investment.

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