Key Apparel Manufacturing Insights brought to the table at highly informative Kingslake -Siemens seminar

Kingslake, Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturing solutions experts, recently hosted a seminar titled ‘Improving Planning & Control in Apparel Manufacturing’ together with Siemens Digital Industries, to share some valuable industry insights about planning and control in apparel manufacturing.

The event which took place at The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce was attended by professionals from the leading apparel manufacturing companies across the country. The seminar took a deep dive into the many challenges faced by apparel manufacturers during these economically challenging times. 

The speakers drew attention to those emerging trends within the industry and they highlighted how apparel organizations should deal with the issues of rising customer expectations, lead time compression and an increase in product variety. They also emphasized how improving Planning and Control helps apparel manufacturing companies to maximize the utilization of their resources.

Mr. Samrat Datta (Portfolio Development Lead – Manufacturing Operations Management Software) and Mr. Venkateshwaran Krishnan (Portfolio Development Lead – Digital Logistics) from Siemens presented on the topic of Planning for a more resilient supply chain. They lay out a holistic supply chain management strategy and describe the digital tools needed to support that plan.

Dileepa Reshan Perera from Kingslake presented how the Siemens Opcenter APS (Preactor) can help apparel manufacturers to manage their production planning. Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software enables apparel manufacturers to easily generate plans and schedules and then react quickly and intelligently to changes. It increases resource utilization and on-time delivery, while also helping to reduce inventory levels and waste.

Sithma Alwis from Kingslake did an excellent presentation on the application of the KingslakeBlue Line Balancing solution. KingslakeBlue Line Balancing is an ideal application for line managers to get the best out of their employees in the sewing line. It helps them in levelling workload across all processes in a line to remove bottlenecks and identify excess capacity.

Later on, Buddhitha Mudalige from Kingslake presented how the  KingslakeBlue MES Cutting Room Planning Solution can be used for optimized scheduling and monitoring of garment cutting and laying activities. KingslakeBlue MES Cutting Room Planning Solution helps to generate an optimal fabric cutting schedule taking into consideration factors such as production plan, cut fabric stock levels, work shifts, SMV, line capacities and efficiencies, fabric properties, cutting methods and machines.

Kingslake has over 20 years’ worth of experience in providing innovative & mission-critical solutions to the Apparel Industry. We have come up with a full solution stack for apparel manufacturers to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Kingslake solutions are designed with industry-specific functionalities that help you to easily manage the entire apparel manufacturing process.