KingslakeBlue Line Balancing

A unique solution for workforce optimization

KingslakeBlue Line Balancing is an ideal application for line managers to get the best out of their employees in the sewing line. This tool will help in levelling of workload across all processes in a line to remove bottlenecks and identify excess capacity.

KingslakeBlue Line Balancing will help you to find the best team to work on a specific order, find replacements for absentees, maintain a record of staff training and skills matrices and much more.

Meeting Targets Efficiently

Reduced Time for Planning

Better Decision Making

Improved Reliability of Equipment

Standardized Production

Reduce Waiting Time

Initial Balancing

Done based on the historical study of data before allocating a style to a team. It shows how a particular style will perform in different lines. Information regarding the allocation, balanced number of pieces and the efficiency of the line is available for the planner to make correct decisions.


You can study the production efficiency of each employee and use that to balance the line to find what is the optimal production rate. The aim of rebalancing is to reassign tasks into the currently available lines with the goal of maximizing efficiency and improving performance.

Absentee Balancing

When operators of a particular team are absent, the system automatically balances the operations among available operators of the team or suggest suitable replacement automatically from the factory with the given criteria.

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