Leasing Companies

Securely manage large quantities of financial data

Leasing companies create a large amount of financial data on a daily basis and these institutions have a great challenge in managing that data. 

Kingslake provides world class solutions for leasing companies to efficiently and securely manage their large quantities of financial data . We also provide resourcing to IT divisions of these institutions to support their enhancement and provide training to IT staff on database administration and database management.


Progress OpenEdge

Progress OpenEdge Database system can be used to process and store large amounts of financial data securely. The Progress OpenEdge RDBMS has the ability to handle thousands of users and high-traffic loads with sub-second response times. OpenEdge also provides tools for Replication Database Administration, disaster recovery and database fine tuning.

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Progress DataDirect

Progress DataDirect delivers powerful data connectivity for applications running on-premises or in the cloud. DataDirect connectivity solutions support the full range of relational, cloud, NoSQL and big data sources across trusted industry standards. It also gives you better business intelligence through high-performance data connectivity to your data sources.

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Progress MOVEit

Progress MOVEit Secure File Transfer and Automation Software guarantees the reliability of core business processes and transfers sensitive data between partners, customers and systems. MOVEit provides secure collaboration and automated file transfers of sensitive data and advanced workflow automation capabilities without the need for scripting.

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